Things I Should Be Doing...

...packing up my entire house.
...calling the cable company, electric company, gas company, water company.
...filling out the YMCA scholarship.
...making my hard-working hubby some lunch.
...entering orders for Thirty-One parties.
...taking pictures of clothing I plan on posting to sell.
...figuring out what is heading to storage & what isn't.
...updating folders for upcoming Thirty-One parties.
...sending emails to potential hostess'. (if you're interested in doing a catalog or online party, send me an email)
...going to the bank.
...writing a million guests posts I have coming up.

I should be doing all of those things, but instead I'm listening to Contemporary Christian on Pandora and catching up on all of your posts.

I'm also admiring this guy and how handsome he currently looks in his shorts & work boots while he mows the lawn. (yea, clearly he got the motivation bug today & I didn't)

What should you be doing on this Wednesday?
Please tell me you have a to-do list a mile long & you are avoiding it, just like me?


Holly said...

I wish I "should" be doing your list instead of mine. I'm a first grade teacher that has been so beaten down by Michigan legislators, parents, etc. that I'm really wondering how you are "making ends meet" with being a teacher and Thirty-One consultant...because to me, right now, that is sounding REALLY good.

Sorry to be a downer... :(

Holly said...

I mean to way "substitute teacher". I'm a new follower and read your older posts once things settled down around here and read of your struggles...will say some prayers for you. Things will work out as they should...waiting and not knowing is hard.

Haley Galloway said...

Thanks so much for sharing your heart with me! It was a big ole piece of humble pie for us when we moved out of our house and move in with my parents. You will learn so much, and it can really be strengthening in the long run! I will be praying over you in your new season!