7 months of Emma.

A bit unlike the ones you’ll see floating around blog land, my monthly updates for Emma haven’t happened. Mainly because I was avoiding this place like the plague because I didn’t want to face anything about the first month of E’s life.

But because I like putting things together to compare, here are months 2-7. Month 1 was the day we brought her home from the NICU & I wasn’t thinking like a control freak who would be mad I didn’t get a picture person then. And month eight will be up later this week…well because..nope no excuse on that one since she’s already 8 months old.

DSC_0094 edited
teeny, tiny & the first official monthly growth picture. also an image that I can’t help but feel should have been an indicator of what was to come with E’s hips.

_DSC2300 edited
in the harness & a memory of when it was actually white. which lasted all of 1 day.

DSC_0040 edited
still rocking the harness look & clearly unhappy about the photo shoot. girl had no time for photos then. but now, she sees my iphone cover & starts modeling.

DSC_0006 edited
definitely not easy to get this girls full body in a picture with this harness. also why didn’t I change that messy bib?

IMG_4430 edited
freeeeeedom! oh those toes are the cutest ones I’ve never seen for 3 months! and a peekaboo of her fluffy bum.

52 edited
high five err fist pump for being the cutest baby around. I mean really.

And last week my sweet girl turned 8 months old. EIGHT! How is that even possible? My mom texted me to tell her happy birthday & I might have sobbed a little thinking about how quickly the past 8 months have gone. Perspective is a jerk sometimes. In a good way. A way that can make 5 weeks feel like the longest span of time in the history of ever, yet can make 8 months feel like the quickest span of time in the history of ever too. I mean, didn’t I just birth this baby? I look at that two month picture & don’t remember E ever being that tiny. I might have just spent way too much of her naptime looking at old instagram posts & crying over her growth. (physical growth of course) and ughhm mine too.(spiritual growth of course) She is becoming this little person, with a little personality. And attitude. And preferences. And I can’t help but want to stink eye the ladies who tell me it goes too fast. BECAUSE THEY’RE TELLING THE TRUTH PEOPLE. It does. It really does go too fast.

I’m afraid to blink in case she suddenly becomes a teenager or something…


January Goals


So let’s just say my first month at sharing my goals with you didn’t go exactly how I planned. Ha..does anything ever go exactly how we plan? Nope! No, it doesn’t. And it’s ok. I mean I told you all how much I am a list maker. A writer of all things I want to accomplish. But those lists don’t always become my to-do.

December Goals:

Finish reading A Beautiful Offering (didn’t happen & now I have a new book I want to read!)
Make stockings for all of us (so I made Emma’s but never got around to the rest..always next year right?)
Go on a date with my man
Sort Emma’s clothes & organize her closet
Keep up with putting my clothes away after laundry day (yep, I kept up with it & it feels good!)
Start Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (ha-so technically I completed this because I started it. And that’s about it)
Use less creamer in my coffee (NO! perhaps I’ve used more!)
Finish my Christmas shopping earlier than December 24th & without spending a butt-ton of money (dec 22nd for the win!)
Take Emma’s Christmas card picture. Order some cards. Send them out (calling this one done, even though they were actually New Years cards)
Drink hot chocolate & cuddle on the couch & watch Christmas movies with my people (did this with Emma & my sisters!)
Start Emma on some real food (she loves it & I need to pick it up a little in this department because girlfriend can eat)
Get a massage (amazing. that is all. and I felt pain for a week after. it was that good)
Stick to my meal plans each week (for the most part)
Plan & start the BC children’s ministry “raise so much money for computers for kids in Ghana” event!!! (OHMYGOSH this one was my favorite! We set a goal of raising enough for 2 computers & within a week we met that goal. Right now we are approaching the funds to purchase 6 computers! 6! And I ended the fundraiser 2 weeks ago! God is good & so are the kiddos at Believers Chapel!)
Get dressed, as in out of sweatpants, more than 2 days a week (but only because it was the holidays & I had a busier schedule)
Make 100 shoe patterns at the GLOW Sole Hope shoe cutting party (not yet, but we made 40 of them & hopefully will finish them this week!)
Tell Mike how thankful I am for him, everyday (ugh failed at this. not cool, Liz, not cool)
Make E do tummy time for a few minutes everyday  (rocky start but she grew to like it, a little)
Have January lesson plans done by December 18th (ha ha ha. hah not only did this not happen, my external hard drive with 2 years worth of children's ministry work completely died on New Years Day. so basically I was playing the last minute game of planning while trying to wrap my brain around the death of a limb. or something like that. I get it. God wants me starting fresh this year.)
FINISH writing Emma’s birth story (DONE! it feels good! but I have so much I still need to share about the past 7 months)

Ok, so I didn’t do as awful as I thought I did…

January Goals:

Work out 2-3 days a week (gotta start somewhere & making the commitment to do it 7 days in a row just isn’t happening)
Finish making shoes for Sole Hope w/ GLOW
Go on a date with my man (keeping this one on here every month because they’re just that great!)
Hang up verses in my kitchen (I have had string up above my sink for months with the intent of hanging scripture on it, since I seem to spend a ton more time at my sink these days, I think it’s the perfect place for me to put them)
Make it to the post office & mail out a few things that have been sitting on my table for months (seriously birthday gifts meant to send out in October..what is wrong with me?)
Finish reading A Beautiful Offering (so I can start Women Living Well!)
Make breakfast every morning (more like don’t wait until noon & realize I haven’t eaten anything & wonder why I’m shaky & feel gross because all I’ve had is coffee)
Limit the amount of bread I eat
Share about Emma’s hip journey (this one is almost as awful as the birth story, at least awful in that I don’t want to revisit that day. ick, I was a mess & it’s not something I want to share, but know I need to.)

Cheers to January!