Who I Am

Hey gals {& guys}! So glad you're here!

Since you're on the Who I Am page, you're probably hoping to learn a bit about the chick behind the scenes!

My name is Liz & I'm 25 years old. I originally started this blog in August 2009. But wrote absolutely nothing on it. I started it to share about life as a newlywed living miles away from family. I was shy about sharing personal details of my life, so I never published anything. Fast forward to 2011 when I was halfway through my year as a 1st grade teacher. I became obsessed with teaching blogs and thought why not take the plunge. I started First Grade Frenzy & began posting my own teaching ideas and experiences in the classroom. I was almost positive nobody read what I wrote but thought it was a fun way to keep track of different things I had done with my little firsties.

It wasn't until summer of 2011 that I began thinking I wanted to re-launch this personal blog. I had lost my teaching job & was not at all feeling the inspiration to post teaching ideas. Truth be told, I wanted a fresh start. And so, Behind the Scenes became my internet home.

The title "Behind the Scenes" actually comes from a Francessca Battistelli song. These lyrics broke my heart: "Things aren't always what they seem, You're only seeing part of me, There's more than you could ever know, Behind the scenes. I'm incomplete and I'm undone, But I suppose like everyone, There's so much more that's going on, Behind the scenes."

I felt as though I had comfort in knowing that sometimes & definitely on a blog, people (readers) are only seeing a glimpse of who you really are. I try to remain transparent and open here, but I believe that an element of privacy should also be kept. Don't want any crazies thinking crazy thoughts about something I share! You're basically getting a look at my daily life. Reading my diary. But it's not as pre-teen drama filled as a diary. I share the ups and the downs. The parties & the struggles. Someone once told me I'm a mod-podge of characteristics, so it's only fitting that I reflect that on my blog.

You'll hear a lot about my man-candy mister.

I plan on writing out our love story very soon. He's my best friend. Hands-down the only person that can consistently make me smile. It may be cliche, but God has blessed me tremendously in the husband department.

It's obvious throughout many of my posts, that I am a born-again Christian. You can read more about that here on my Why I Live page.

I am in a transition phase in life. My end-game is to be a stay at home mama, I want to raise my own children. Once we pay off some debt, we'll start making this happen. But, you'll see I have no babies right now so that means this gals gotta work to get us out of debt. I'm figuring out what that means. I'm very involved in ministries at church, which fuels how I run my days. I'd love to get into virtual assistant work, if you're interested you can learn more about what that means here.

On the subject of ministries, I run a young girls group titled GLOW {Girls Lighting Our World}. This is my passion. Teaching young girls how to shine for God & impact the lives of their friends. It's rewarding and a blessing. I also run the children's ministry program at my church. God is slowly, or maybe quickly, showing me that my idea of working with children in a secular school system isn't exactly what He has in mind. His ways are not my ways.

I am also an independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts. It's a perfect fit for my lifestyle & it helps keep my purse obsession to a more affordable place!

That's me in a nutshell. I LOVE all of my readers & I love hearing from you! I smile and giggle at every comment I get. Know that I don't let how many page views or followers or comments dictate my feelings towards this blog, my success, or any of you. I blog for me, not the popularity. I'm just grateful that someone other than my husband reads this!