Be quiet insecurities...

I struggle with that. Do you? It seems no matter how often I try to share any personal part of my life, I grow nervous and anxious. I can't stand it. I know it's the devil trying to creep up in my business and make me feel inadequate. But I have to be honest when I say sometimes I let it happen. Sometimes I just sit back and let him walk all over my emotions. I'm weak. And broken. God knows that. And He's working on me.

I was listening to the radio while I was in the shower yesterday. (Yes, my best thinking is done in there. Isn't yours?) The radio man said
"If you woke up this morning, then your work here is not complete.
How true is that statement. God put us here to bring glory to His kingdom. Until that's done, we aren't going anywhere. As I was in the midst of feeling anxiety and fear about letting this very emotional part of my past {present} get shared, I was calmed to hear that statement.
I woke up. I'm still here. My work is not done.

If I can help just one young girl or woman by sharing my story, it's worth it. I know I can't glorify God if I simply suppress everything bad that happened in my walk in faith. I'm not proud of the choices I made. I'm not advocating for others to suddenly feel like they have to share their deepest darkest secrets. It's not for everyone, I mean it's still not for me in every area of my past. But the Lord has laid the idea of peace and freedom on my heart. 
He wants me to be free. 
He wants me to be at peace. 
He wants me to use my experience to help other girls.

I won't deny that I am still extremely hesitant to reveal this. But through the comfort and healing of God, I can do it.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, please go visit one of my bloggy friends Brittnie at her special piece of internet heaven to read the whole story: Brittnie Lately.


The Presutti's said...

This post is so true and sometimes I feel the same! Thanks for sharing! Have a great Sunday!

Erin said...

You are so wise and so beautiful when you share your heart and trust in God. I will go read your story and you are in my prayers darling!

Kelli@MoreBangforYourBucks said...

What a beautiful word. I am reading "So Long Insecurity" by Beth Moore right now- it is such an eye-opener to the fact that almost all women suffer from it. It has helped me so much! Thanks, Liz!

Mackeys Moments said...

I'm happy I found you (from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary)! You seem so sweet and what a beautiful message!

Jamie said...

I love that peace quote.