Hot or Hot Mess? {October 2}

(don't judge this precious little one though. seriously, too cute right?)


Erin said...

Dogs in weddings...kinda weirds me out...but I guess it can be cute! Those hats are a little much...I guess unless you live in England! I love me some sweater dresses!

Ruthie Hart said...

oh my word I LOVE THIS!!! So...dogs in weddings. I always thought it was weird but looking back, if we had Ernie when we got married I would have ABSOLUTELY wanted him in our wedding. Ahh now I can't stop thinking about him in a little tux.Those hats...hot mess...or just weird. And sweater dresses...HOT! I have one but my chest out grew it if ya know what I mean lol. Must buy another soon!

Jami said...

Dogs in weddings? Hot Mess (I feel judgmental saying that, hahaha)
The hats? Hot Mess (I don't feel judgmental about that one)
Sweater dresses? Hot
That was fun, thanks!

hannah singer said...

sweater dresses!!
the dogs and the hats...hmmm ;)


Julianna, Jade, Janae, Jamie said...

I love fascinators! that baby one is adorable!