Wanna see what I'm doing all day?

Yep, it's moving day. By myself. The hubs is playing in golf tournament. And he better come home with a few Benjamin's in his pocket for making me do this alone. (well not all alone, quality time with the father-in-law & my s. daddio)

Words of encouragement are much appreciated. 
I hate packing.
 I can't even pack for a weekend trip, let alone pack up my entire house and put it into storage for who know's how long. 
Yes, emotions are running rampant today. 
Life is hard.
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Bethany G said...

Good luck today girl! I feel like I haven't talked to you in awhile! Hoping everything goes smoothly today :)

Erin said...

Moving is always a LONG day! I hope it goes well andI love that quote!

Katie said...

I'm so not jealous. Sorry you have to spend your Saturday doing something not so fun.

Emily said...

Ugh do not like moving, but it's fun once it's all done! Hang in there. :)

Jamie said...

Just found your blog (over at beautiful little journey) I love it! So cute. I'm a new follower!