Revolutionize Her

I am so excited and honored to announce the beginning of an amazing endeavor.


Revolutionize Her "is a core group of writers that are willing to be 110% open and honest about their struggles and successes. Money problems. Family problems. Small successes with your goals/hopes/dreams. The A-Ha! moments. The I'm ready to throw the towel in and walk away, back into corporate America moments. The best and worst parts of being self-employed. How it affects your mood, your family, your end goals - ANYTHING pertaining to the good, bad, ugly, amazing, frustrating, sad parts of being self-employed."

Does following your dream & becoming self-employed sound like a goal you wish to attain?
If so, this is certainly a great place for you to check in every so often and be ready to hear honest accounts of just how you get there.

If you're still not convinced, let me give you a line-up of the lovely ladies that are writers for this blog:
and yours truly.

If those ladies don't make you want to check the new site out, I'm not sure what will.


Kelly said...

ahh-mazing! good luck. i know it will be great.

Erin said...

congrats gorgeous! :) such lovely ladies!