A Tough Day...

Sorry if it seems I haven't been posting much lately or if in the upcoming week, I don't post much. Thanksgiving is a very difficult holiday for us because of the timing. For my entire life, we have celebrated the holiday & my grandpa's birthday together. Usually meaning lots of family, think 10 children (with tons of grandchildren) all gathered at my grandparents for a big celebration. Holiday gatherings, of course, aren't the same..especially this coming one.

Today would have been my grandpa's 84th birthday. I spoke a bit about my relationship with him here.
He was like my father. He raised me.
I lived with him for most of my childhood. I had a different connection with him.
I feared him.
I loved him.
I admired him.
Sadly, at times, I was angry at him.

His beloved pond & geese. All of those geese would return each spring. Don't ask how I'm sure they did, because they just did. I had 2 pet geese when I was little. Cheech & Chong (yes, I'm aware those are hardly names a child should know, but I must have just heard about them) Anyways, these 2 birdies would wait for me to get off the school bus & then follow me around like I was their mama. I felt like I was their mama, ya know like that movie "Fly Away Home" where the girl builds the machine to guide the geese to warmer weather? If I could have done that, I would have. My grampy thought it was the funniest thing, but he knew exactly how I felt. Because he felt the very same way, but for many more.

He was always joking around with me. Of course, he could get very serious. Especially when I did something wrong. But unlike, my mom and her siblings my punishment usually resulted in just a lecture. 

He loved racing. Dale Earnhardt to be exact. He actually met him, maybe more than once..I'm not sure. He went to the dirt track races every Saturday until his health didn't allow that. He watched every race until he lost his sight, and then he listened faithfully.

In many ways, my grandpa should have taken part in walking me down the aisle. He, along with my mom & grandma, raised me.

I wish my little sisters would have gotten to spend more time with my grandpa. 
I wish I could call him today & ask for his advice on numerous issues in my life. 
I wish I could introduce him to my future children.
I wish I could spend his birthday with him.

The tears I shed today won't last forever. 
The sting of missing him won't last forever.
 I know that someday soon I'll be reunited with him in my Father's house.

So during this week of giving thanks, hug your grandparents. 
Tell them you love them. Don't let small things affect you.
Your days are numbered with them, especially them. 
God has given you the opportunity to seek their wisdom & knowledge.
Don't waste that opportunity.


Erin said...

This is the sweetest and I hope that you find some joy today thinking about all the wonderful memories you shared with your amazing grandpa! I cannot wait for you to see him again one day in heaven! My thoughts and prayers are with you today! :)

Ruthie Hart said...

Oh girl prayers are going up for you today. I pray that you find strength in this hard time. Your grandpa seems like he was a WONDERFUL, giving man

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post.. brought me to tears! Praying God's perfect peace upon you!

Angel said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your grandfather's memory. Thanks for sharing!!

hannah singer said...

wonderful, sweet post, liz. praise jesus for the beautiful family he blessed you with. sending you hugs and prayers.