Wedding Cake- - -2 Years Later

Above you will see our wedding cake in its full form. It was a fun cake. I let Mr. pick most of it out. And of course he chose a topper that cracked fun at the bride. That's why I love him, his sense of humor. You will also notice that I completely, 100 % went for it.  Which in turn made Mr. go for it. We never talked about how it would all go down. Clearly, I had an idea how it would! The little little wanted to get in on the action too. Cake tastes good to her, even if it's being finger-licked off my face. 

Below you will see what's left of our cake. You know, ya gotta save the top for your first anniversary. Well let's discuss this, shall we? We moved to NC 2 days after we got home from our honeymoon. My parents packed the cake top up in a cooler and drove it 10 hours to us over Thanksgiving vacation. It sat in our freezer. We moved back to NY 3 weeks before our anniversary. We went to dinner the night before our anniversary, with intent to thaw out the cake & eat it the next day. Then a tornado touched down. At my in-laws house. My anniversary was spent picking up trees, clearing off their porch, roof, & car. No time for cake. Still in the freezer. Took it out of the freezer a week after our 2nd anniversary because I forgot about it. Stays in the fridge for a good 3 weeks. Move in with the in-laws. No room for the cake. So it's time to open it. This is the end result. And the Mr.'s reaction. 

Sadly, we did not eat it.
After 2 years & countless un-thawing & re-freezing, I think it's safe to say we dodged a bullet there.


Anonymous said...
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Jenna said...

awww.. im getting married next month and i dont know if we are going to save the top because i feel like we will forget or it wont taste good a year later.. haha
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Claire said...

Probably a good plan ;)

The lady who made our cake was a really close friend who happens to also be amazing at making wedding cakes... she was known for putting pranks inside the cake topper for the couples... well we moved 7 months after getting married so we ate our cake topper then... but the prank she put in for my husband was fish bait... which ended up making the whole cake topper smell/taste like fish bait... I have no clue what she was thinking because we ended up spitting out the first bites and trashing the rest... hahaha

Shasta said...

We ended up not being able to save our topper because Jesse's brothers left it in the car in the sun all day. The end result was a seriously damaged/runny cake. We ate what we could and threw it away and for our 1st anniversary I just made a small cake myself.