Being Strong

That's the choice I have right now. Being strong. Maybe I didn't know how strong before, when we made the choice to move in with my in-laws, but I know now.

I love them. They are amazing.

Being a wife in someone else's house..not so amazing. Especially with Christmas approaching. I want to decorate my tree & put up my decorations. It's just hard.

And that's where I've been lately. Trying not to be glued to the computer all night and instead spend time with my hubby & his parents. I promise I'm not gone forever. Just long enough to get used to my new "situation."

So today, I pray that you all know just how strong you are when you are pushed to the limit.
Your strength will be incredible.
You'll get through it.

Just like I am.


Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

What a great reminder in that picture. My link up was also on finding strength. I will pray for you in your situation. I can't imagine it's easy.

Bethany G said...

You are so right. Sometimes our only option is to just be strong. We've been living with my family for a few weeks while we get ready to move... I love them so much but it really IS hard being a wife in someone else's house! Love you and praying for you.

Angel said...

I hope you find great joy through the season even if it isn't in your own house! Thanks for sharing part of your journey with us!

Erin said...

So glad that you are enjoying your time there as best you can during the holidays! :) Thinking of you!

Ruthie Hart said...

hang in there girl! I bet it is so hard to be in that situation. Praying for you! How is the hubbys new job??

the lowes said...

oh girl I can relate - the Lord has had us live with my in laws, AND with my parents over the last 8 years. while it was not the easiest thing (and I totally understand about not being in your own house - we were at my in laws over Christmas too), looking back, I am SO thankful for the time we had with them. like we truly cherish it now. we had no idea and could not see it at the time, but it was truly a season that the Lord blessed US with and ALSO blessed our parents with. Prayers for you for patience and grace! blessings today friend!

Meg {henninglove} said...

that would be incredibly hard to do move in with your parents in law but im glad to see you have embraced the situation and found you love them and it is amazing!