Christmas Eve w/ the Hubby

How special & exciting today is. I love Christmas Eve! It just has so much meaning and makes me reflect on a young couple with no experience as parents, welcoming our savior into this world. It makes me think of our God who sent His one and only son to teach us & die for us, so that we may be promised eternity in Heaven.

I wanted to share some pictures from Christmas over the past 8 years that I have been able to celebrate with my amazing husband. It truly is a reassuring feeling to know that the man I chose to spend the rest of this earthly life with believes in that savior who was born in a manger many, many years ago. And that he will raise our children up knowing that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas, not santa or presents.

(so as I was going through old pictures, I discovered that I have no clue where any of my pictures are from the pre-digital camera era! Which means I don't have pictures for the years 2003-2006, and friends, those would probably be the funniest pictures of all)

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Erin said...

Love this so much! So happy that you have an amazing godly man to spend forever with! :) Love the Christmas card...you are gorgeous!