The Cure for Anxiety

Matthew 6:25-34

For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life...

What better verse to start out a fresh, new year? 
We have the worldly ability to start anew. The world, regardless of faith, uses January 1st to make resolutions. To make changes. They believe that you can put the past in the past and start over.

With God, we can start over weekly, daily, even every minute we can be wiped clean.
Often times, I forget this. I let my worry overtake me. I posted a little about my attempt at squishing worry all together here.
I'm sad to admit that I haven't done a fantastic job. I have let little things bother me to the point of getting stomach pains. I let big things consume so much of my life that I get headaches. I have focused on negatives and taken it all out on my husband.

I'm not a pretty soul people.
I'm human. I'm vulnerable to satans attacks.

But this year I'm vowing to be different. I'm making the choice to embrace bumps in the road. You all know I've had my fair share of bumps lately. I mean, to be honest I'm probably on a very tall bump right this minute.

Sunday morning our pastor used Matthew 6 to teach us how to let go of anxiety. To choose happiness.
It's as though we wake up every day with the chance to start over with God. We can make decisions first thing that will mold our day.
Are we opening our Bible & spending time in the word?
Or are we anxious to jump out of bed and watch the morning talk shows?
I am guilty of the second. Even though I am part of this amazing group of ladies doing the 365 Days of His Word Challenge. I still fall behind. I still think that I can just catch up on my reading later. But instead I usually end up stressed, worried, and on edge for most of the day. Mostly for little things that shouldn't even bother me. But it's because I'm not giving my FIRST to Him. I'm giving my "left-over" my lasts.

Let me give you a hint at how difficult this will be for you.
Sunday morning we got in our car & had absolutely no brakes. Of course my first thought is money. We can't afford to fix them & I have so much "going on" in my life that I just cannot fathom going without a car for a second. So instead of going to church renewed and excited, I walked in and completely dumped my emotions on my friend. She smiled and said it will work out. I said sure.
Then comes the worship. Oh the worship.
I was pouring out my heart to God. Pleading with him to make things right. To just change our life. Put us on a better path.
Then the sermon. The sermon about worry. About not letting anxiety overtake you. About giving your FIRST to God and then trusting in Him to provide. About not letting the stress of food, clothing, cars, money, life overshadow our unfailing knowledge of God providing.

Talk about a huge smack on the head.

I left church feeling encouraged & empowered. I was a new woman. 2012 was going to be different. I was going to finally take control of my worry and ultimately fix lots of pain and relationships and emotions. The car would be fixed with no problems & everything would be a-ok.

Now comes the test. The test of my commitment to this decision. The test to see just how serious I am about giving God my first.

The car wasn't an easy fix. And tempers got a little elevated.
But I'm working on it.
It would be nice to say it was an instant change. It's not. It's a constant decision every morning to give Him my first and then depend on him for the rest of the day. Regardless of what hurdle He or satan throws my way. I refuse to fail at this.

My health depends on it.
My marriage depends on it.
My sanity depends on it.
Most importantly, my faith depends on it.

It's time to start new. Start fresh.
Do things intentionally with the seeking and direction of God.

Are there areas in your life where you let anxiety overtake you? Is it time to commit to giving God your first everyday, instead of your left-overs?

I pray that you find peace in Matthew 6:25-34. In the promise we were given about being taken care of. In the promise that God will provide, if we only trust him.


[I am] The One With the Camera said...

Your post was RIGHT ON THE MARK! Our pastor preached out of this same text Sunday and that is what the world needs. Not more resolutions. We need only one. The resolution to put HIM first. Then all the other stuff will fall right into place.

But as for worry, you totally got me there, I know where you're coming from because I struggle with the exact same thing. Especially the part about being committed to changing how much I trust Him, etc and then something comes up and I find myself struggling.

Thank you for the encouragement.


Erin said...

So sorry to hear that you struggled this weekend..but so happy to hear that you received some hope and encouragement! :) Stay strong in Jesus Liz! :)

You may think you are a "tall bump" but you are literally my light at the end of the tunnel. Know that you are always inspiring and encouraging me hun!