Old School is Cool

Ok I thought it would just be super-duper fun if I posted some pictures from the good ‘ol days. Just so you can all laugh uncontrollably at what I looked like. This will force me to dig out pictures from pre-digital days and sort them.
But to start we will go visit summer of the year 2006…

(Ummm…where did that somewhat flat tummy go? And why was it replaced with this thing I got now?)
(That’s my now 11 yr old sister Lex. She was itty-bitty then & our dog Bandit was already giant.)
(Nice hair honey…I think it’s now looking a little further back different!)
(Yes, I had dark hair at one point. I kind of miss it, should I bring it back?)
(I’m happy to announce, the hubby still looks this good when he plays golf!)
(always with the funny faces, he still does this)
(man I miss that truck, oh wait I don’t. At all.)
Yea, so there go have a few giggles on us. I’ll let you Smile


Katie said...

yeah for old pictures! especially when they involve you and the husband from years ago! have a good week!

andersa9 said...

I nominated you for the Liebsters Blog Award :) http://blondesguidetotheworld.blogspot.com/2012/01/liebster-blog-award.html

melanie said...

haha cute pics :)

Kelli@MoreBangforYourBucks said...

This was such a fun post! I, too, wonder what happened to my flat tummy! :)
thanks for keeping it "for real!"

JeNeal said...

Such cute pics gal!!! I love it!! flashbacks are awesome!!