Potential Shop Items…

So last week my sweet friend Melissa posted about the canvas that my hubby & I made her. Which led us to seriously consider starting our own little shop. Of course, we are in the very beginning stage of this project but it’s exciting none the less. I though I’d share with you some of the other canvas’ that we have made.

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And here is the one we sent Melissa.
And here are some of the prints I made for my upcoming GLOW group, but could make great items to hang in your home too. And the best thing is, they can be totally customizable just like the canvas’.
Proverbs 4-18

Jeremiah 29-11

I’m also thinking of offering customized invitations. Sorry, no samples of those yet.
My mind is spinning with other ideas too, but you’ll have to wait until the shop opens to see!!
{But first, my MR. needs to think of a name…that’s the hardest part}
What do you think? Could we be successful?


Jessica said...

This is so awesome!
You go girllll :)


Sue said...

Do it! I'd love to decorate my house with something like this. I think they're fantastic!

TicoTina said...

are you doing these by hand or digitally? I guess a combination?

Katie said...

you are really talented! You should do it - there isn't anything to lose by trying!!