Hot or Hot Mess? {February 14}

Since it's the month of love, this weeks topic is all about Valentine's Day gifts. Can't wait to hear what you think of these little goodies!
hot or hot mess 14-001
hot or hot mess 14-002hot or hot mess 14-003

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Aubrey said...

the conversation hearts are cheeky and sweet. A simple necklace is perfect and a stuffed animal is a hot mess!

Kara said...

Cannot wait until Valentine's Day! I definitely got the exact same silver heart necklace from my ex 2 Valentine's Day ago, so I suppose I'll call that idea a hot mess. I'm always always in love with stuffed animals. You can never have too many!

Songbook said...

I hate conversation hearts. They are so gross. I say hot mess, but if the words were printed on something less disgusting I would probably say hot.

Ruthie Hart said...

our anniversary is right before vday so it is hard!!!!!! last year we got our puppy and it was perfect!!

Shasta said...

Love the conversation hearts!!