Say Hello to My New Friends..

I want to introduce you to the pretty awesome ladies that are currently residing over on the right under my feature ad space!

They are Jayme & Mendi from Her Late Night Cravings!

They entered the Find Some Love Fest giveaway & won (among a ton of other great things) some ad space on this 'ol blog of mine!

Get to know them:

"Hi, we're Jayme and Mendi from Her Late Night Cravings.  Over on HLNC, we blog about everything from beauty products to our favorite recipes to fashion trends...anything that a girl could possibly love.  We also do lots of videos on our blog and boy do we have fun filming those!!  Check out a few and we think you'll see what we mean.  We'd love to have you stop by and visit us.  Please drop us a comment, if you do...we love hearing from our readers!  Let us know what you're craving!!"

You can find them...

I'm so excited to have them here at Behind the Scenes! 
And I hope that you will all go say hello!

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