Yea, that’s what I’m going use to sum up the past few days. My weekend was mellow not mellow. More like, I feel like death but gotta keep on keepin on. Ya know?

photo 1

Yep, that was my view from Thursday night to about Saturday morning. Pretty isn’t it? Don’t worry, I emptied it before I snapped the picture. Was that too much info? If you say yes, you wouldn’t be the first one to tell me that this weekend. Perhaps I learned a lesson in not saying everything that comes to mind? Maybe, but not likely!

I got food poisoning.

Ewwwwww. Yuckkkkkk. Ickkkkk. Gagggggg.

It’s horrible. Seriously. I don’t wish it on my worst enemy, not that I have one of those but if I did, I wouldn’t pray for her to get this awful thing.

My friend & I went to Bible Study Thursday morning & then naturally we were starving slightly hungry, so we decided to get lunch. We both ordered the exact same thing, except hers was hold the lettuce & we put those buffalo chicken sandwiches to bed. For real. We killed them.

Then later I got oh let’s say the 3rd ridiculously annoying headache of the week. So I took a quick nap & then it was off to Seek at church. I run the slides for music at Seek so that the above mentioned friend can have a night off to actually worship & not stress about the service going smoothly. So I couldn’t miss. I took some motrin & drank a whole bunch of water. After getting the very best pizza around, which I’m sad to say I couldn’t finish because it hurt to chew.

Seek went great & when I got home I told the hub I really don’t feel that well. He said oh I’m sure the headache will go away once you go to sleep.

Insert annoying game ending buzzer here.

It didn’t go away. Instead at about midnight I woke up feeling much worse than just a headache….
And let’s just say, the rest is a history that my hubby would be embarrassed if I shared with you. He says I should keep that info on lock & key since it has to do with yucky things.

All day Friday I DID NOT MOVE. Except from the bed to the bathroom to the couch to the bathroom to the bed.

Now I’m thinking I was just sick or maybe something else…perhaps little pink or blue…which would be impossible. I mean it’s called precaution, and we take it. But with the headaches and stomach issue I thought maybe God was playing a weird joke on us.

Until my lunch buddy texted me asking if I was going to her hubby’s concert that night. When I told her how awesome my day had been she wrote….”weird, mine has been equally as awesome.”

Home-girl say what?

That’s when we realized it probably wasn’t the flu. Or the pink/blue dilemma since she is already pretty pregnant. And landed on our lunch. That oh so awesome sandwich ended up being not so awesome.

Move to Saturday. Feeling a little better. I can at least sit up at this point. I eat some toast. And applesauce. And feel like I don’t have much more to give the porcelain throne. So I went and helped decorate the church for the marriage series. My sick partner was there too. We were a sight for sore eyes.
Yesterday I was feeling a million times better but let me tell you, it’s like a horrible situation when you are starving but are so scared of eating anything. Which made the super bowl party not nearly as much fun, because let’s be honest here. I really only go for the food. And the half-time show. And the commercials. And the giggles with my friends. And the last 2 minutes of the game.

Now it’s Monday…again. And I have to tackle this.

photo 3

Because for some reason the hubs thinks I should do laundry. I mean seriously. Who does he think I am? The wife? Har-har-har. Yea, I just laughed at my own joke. I’m cool like that.

Are any of you even still with me after my unnecessarily long tale of my food poisoning?
Thanks friends, you’re the best!


Lauren said...

Food poisoning is the worst!!! I'm usually out of commission at least 2 days and my stomach is NOT the same for at least a week - it becomes super sensitive to everything :( Hoping you're feeling better!

Brooke said...

My husband got food poisoning this weekend too - AWFUL. So bad. So I really feel sorry for you! Good luck this week.

Erin said...

Aw you poor thing! :( That must have been awful....please don't eat there again!

Ruthie Hart said...

food poisoning is the WORST! especially if it is a food you like, then you are just totally turned off by it!

The Lee Family Happenings said...

Oh no!!! That's terrible! I hope you start feeling better soon!

Halle said...

food poisoning is the worst!!! Get better! Make sure to check out my blog! If you like what you see, please follow! I follow back :)

Best Wishes,

Meg Cady said...

OMG I am so sorry you were so sick that is SO not fun!!

Hope you are feeling better!!


Katie said...

that's terrible! sorry weekend so rough!! i hope you feel all better soon!