What I Wore.

This was an (impromptu) date night outfit! I even snagged Mr. for a picture!

outfit 2


{Pic below was after hubby informed me that perhaps these leggings were a bit too “see-through” for out of the house wearing!! This was after we had just gone to a concert. Outside of the house.}



Cardigan & Shirt: Old Navy / Scarf & Necklace: Loft / {Sheer} Leggings: Rue 21 / Boots: Shoe Department

On my man, cuz I’m sure you’re all dying to know… {Un planned color matching} Sweater: Banana Republic / Jeans: Kohls

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Sue said...

You two are a great looking couple! I love when they tell you after the fact that maybe you shouldn't have worn something :)