Outfit: Stripes & Coral

{HELP-I have a little Nikon CoolPix & whenever I try playing with the settings it turns out super white washed, like above! What is the best image mode to shoot in (outside) 16M or 8M? What is the best ISO sensitivity to shoot in (outside) 80 or higher? What is the best white balance to shoot in (outside) auto, daylights, incandescent? Flash on or off? Please, anyone? This is what I have to use until I win the lottery so I need to master it soon!}


Melissa Risenhoover said...

I wish I new! You look cute regardless!! =)) Skype date soon!

Jana said...

ISO is the digital equivalent of film sensitivity to light, so if its bright outside you should have your ISO on the lowest setting so that the "film" is least light sensitive and doesn't over expose. Likewise, if you are inside in a darker area then you would want the ISO to be higher so that the "film" would be more sensitive and therefor pick up more light. And of course I use the term "film" but I am really referring to the digital setting. I hope by comparing it to the film equivalent it helps you understand the concept. Also a good way to learn what settings are good is to put your camera on auto and note the setting it chooses when you get a particularly good image.
I hope that helps! I dont know how your white balance is...whether it is just a couple of settings marked by icons or if you can actually manually choose the color temperature. While it may be dry and boring, I recommend reading your manual :)