Coffee Date

Swiping miss Casey’s idea & filling you in on life lately.

It’s Monday again which means I’m having numerous cups of joe. Never fails I’m the most tired on this day. But let’s pretend that instead of sipping my coffee while napping on the couch & catching up on the dvr by myself, that you are snuggled up on the other end of the couch with your own extra large cup. The tv’s off & I’m wide awake. Enjoying the time of just talking.

Of course, you’d first be met at the door by the noisy, but innocent Maggie. Eagerly ready to sniff you to death.

I would tell you how amazing this life of mine is. Even if I still live with my in-laws & still have money issues.  It’s a good life. I’m learning to embrace it. 

I’d tell you how proud I am of my GLOW girls for running such an amazing event last week. I might cry a little at my abounding love for them & their hearts. I’m amazed at how willing they are to seek Christ.


Which would lead me to share how excited I am to start planning the summer sleepover & beach party. And how I can’t wait to make the final decision on their gifts. (how are they coming sweet friend?)

I’d tell you how blessed I am to have a best friend. A true best friend. One who is an amazing mama & wife & woman of God. Such an encouragement. This past Saturday was all about her & her sweet baby Kahlan who will be here in a few short weeks! I partnered up with my other sweet friend to sprinkle Tree with love & appreciation.

I’d tell you how many people thought it was silly & unnecessary because this was the second baby. But my response, who cares?

I’d tell you how non-existent my quiet time with the Lord has been. And how disappointing that is. And that it’s my own fault & my own issue to fix. I’d probably ask for encouragement.

I’d tell you how much I pray I’m able to go to Influence Conference. How much I’m asking my hubby to pray that the finances work out in a way that enables me to go with no trouble. And how much I hope my dear real-life friends are able to go with me.

I’d tell you how blessed I am to lead children’s ministry. How long I prayed for God to place me in this exact position.

I’d ask how your life has been? If you are struggling with anything? If you need encouragement in any areas?


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