A New Week


Another month has passed. And yet I’m still in the same place. I’m still living at my in-laws. I’m still not a mama. I’m still not as skinny and healthy as I wish I was. I’m still not spending enough time with the Lord every morning. I’m still not being a wife who seeks to make her husband happier then herself.

But yet.

I know that nothing can stand against me. Nothing can stop me. I will overcome these struggles. This situation I’m in will pass. This funk I’m in will end.

Don’t confuse this for sadness. My life is good. I’m doing things I love. But I’m full of uneasiness of what these next few months hold. Just a bundle of nerves.

And that’s when I tell myself to stop.


Doubting God. He is with ME. He has my plan all mapped out and written.

I simply have to follow it.


Amanda said...

Great post, and so true for many of us, definitely ME! I love that picture & your last sentence. I feel the same way a LOT of the time, but you have already realized the most important thing! God IS with us and already knows our destiny. :-) Just keep having faith girl. Praying for you! Hope you had a great weekend.. xoxo

Ruthie Hart said...

girl I am giving you a big hug right now! I love how you are honest and open with your struggles. Sometimes I feel like when we give it up to God, things can change in an INSTANT. Praying that the Lord puts motherhood in your near future sweet friend!