{Un} Healthy Competition

When I married into my hubby’s family, I knew I was in for some occasional physical activities at family parties. He is athletic. His dad is athletic. Basically his whole family is & well I don’t exactly cut the stuff if ya know what I mean. I played sports in high school but that was over 7 years ago, gasp. Did I just admit my age? Slash that statement from your memory, k? Where was I going with this..oh yea competition. So basically the hubs family is crazy competitive & none of them like losing. Yea. Are you following along? A family full of people bent on winning. Split them into different teams. One team is bound to lose. Figure out the rest, mmkay? (I’m happy to say I wasn't chosen last either! Ok, so MR picked me first & it might have been out of obligation, but hey I’ll take what I can get around here!)

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(And because he’s such a stud…)


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caitlin said...

I'm crazy competitive, esp. when it comes to volleyball {I played all through high school & I coach now} my husband hates when we play volleyball at family events/parties because i get so into it!