Smiling is Contagious

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This girl is 12!! I can’t even believe it. I remember when she popped out of my mama and my whole world changed. Who cares that the change was annoying for a 13 yr old girl. Now, 12 years later, I’m so thankful for that change. This girl is precious. And funny. And sassy. She is such a soft spirit. With a itty bitty roar when she wants to. She’s quiet and shy, yet loud & outgoing at the same time. And her brand new smile, thanks to pesky braces, makes me want to smile. Every single time I see it. Interested in seeing the progression of a happy girl? All she wanted was an ipod touch. That’s it. So in true mom & dad fashion, they packed it inside a couple boxes. Complete with a set of weights and hair spray to mislead. What might be funnier, is little G-bugs face in the background. I’m not sure who’s really more excited.

Funny, right?

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Those cheeks! I die!

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Love you beautiful little sister. I pray you go after every single dream you have. I pray you light our world. Glow. Make a difference. Be a light in this dark world. Cling to Jesus. Love. Be compassionate. Simply be you.

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Erin said...

what a precious and beautiful family! :)

I love how you ended this post: "Cling to Jesus. Be compassionate. Simply be you." - going to remember that this week :)