Baby E. 22 Weeks

{Actually 23 weeks today}
23 weeks 4 edited
Baby E’s Stats

Baby: About the size of a papaya or the length of a spaghetti squash! She’s starting to look like a miniature newborn & her teeth buds are forming!

Sleep: Still not great. I’m just getting used to it at this point. I always wake up on my back & then it’s near impossible to find a different position that’s comfortable.

Clothing: Everyone told me I “popped” this week. I have no idea what they mean, since I've been feeling popped for awhile! I’m starting to wear belts with everything so that there is some shape to my outfit/body.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Nope! I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll actually have a so called “craving”..

Symptoms: Still having back/butt pain, but at this point I’m learning to deal with it. I think it’s my work chair that’s causing a lot of it.

Movement: All the time! I actually saw my stomach completely distort on Saturday. It was weird & exciting all wrapped into one. She’s still stubborn though, when anyone tries to feel her or see her, she freezes up.

Doctor’s Appointment: This week!!

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are overcome with joy! If you missed our announcement, you can see it here. And I know you're all bugging me for a name! She has one & most people in our life know it! I'm working on a post to share it, promise!!

Best Moment of the Week: Baby girl went to her first play! 3 of my Glow girls and 1 of my Pearls were in the production of Annie. It was an amazing show, filled with talent. E was doing flips and kicking the whole time!

Thoughts: I’m losing my belly button!! It’s getting shallower and darker..such a weird sight! A friend from high school gave me a few maternity tops & I’m so thankful! Those things are expensive, so I’ll take any free that I can get! I wake up everyday shocked that we are one day closer to meeting miss E! I can’t believe that I’m over halfway there!!!



Ruthie Hart said...

Hello baby E! Cant wait to see some pictures of you after your appt!

Claire said...

I want to know the name!!!! Excited for whenever you post it :) Looks like she's growing well! You actually make me miss pregnancy a bit! There's something so amazing about that life inside of you!

Sarah said...

Oh you look great! You are definitely making me want to have a second baby!