How cute is this girl?

So this is the first post after the 20 part birth story…. Where to even start? I have so much to share about the past 7 months, some happy & some tough. I have a ton more to say about Emma health wise & am working on the post about her hip journey, but for now I think I’ll just share some recent pictures until the holidays are over & I have time to write again!

These are some of the ones that didn't make the Christmas Card New Years card cut…(new mom = way late on cards)

DSC_0006 copy
DSC_0008 copy
DSC_0009 copy
DSC_0024 copy
DSC_0025 copy
DSC_0036 copy

Completely bias opinion right here, but seriously my girl is too cute. My favorite ones might be where she is "reading" her book! Tummy time has been a struggle because of 3 months in a harness, so when she actually starts to enjoy it & reach for her book, I get a little excited! And then when I get the perfect picture to show daddy how good she did, I get even more excited!

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