Months 8, 9, 10, & 11.

DSC_0049 edited

This picture makes me laugh because of how huge she looks. Those cloth diapers really accentuate the rear end.

DSC_0010 edited

A baby in jeggings. Really doesn’t get any cuter!

DSC_0117 edited

The month I felt like her hair grew & got thicker like crazy!

DSC_0033 edited

See those little pink toes? Eleven months is the perfect time for babies first pedicure.

Little E is hanging around at the 19-20 pound mark. She’s been there probably for all four of these months. But she is getting pretty long. Not sure where that’s coming from since her dad & I are short. Maybe we’ll end up with a 6 foot kid. Ha. Please no.

One more month of pictures. Which is for the best since it’s getting harder to fit her whole body in the shot…ya know since I’m not tall.

My baby isn’t a baby anymore! Who said she could grow up!

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