365 Days of His Word Challenge


Have you ever been to this sweet blog?
If you are looking for hours, hours, hours of encouragement and inspiration, then you need to go there.

Kelly and her blog friend Chelsea have started a challenge.
A challenge that I thought seemed so intimidating at first.
They have challenged me to read through the entire Bible in ONE year.
Say what??
Now if you are anything like me, your knees shake just thinking about that.
I have started and tried to do this many times. In my freshman year of college, I actually read through most of the New Testament.
But tackling the Old? Now that was a different story.
I was scared I wouldn't understand what I was reading and that I would get bored.

Yea, total honesty on this here blog. I just used the word bored in the same paragraph as Bible.
Remember I told you I was a sinner saved by His grace.
I fail. I make mistakes. I get discouraged.
I push important things off to the side simply because I don't want to do them.
After reading Kelly's 365 Day Challenge post, I knew it was time to throw that fear aside and get busy.

I am using an app on my iphone called YouVersion. I already had it installed because that is the Bible I use during church. Little did I know that there was something called "Plans" already built into the app. I downloaded the "One-Year-Bible" plan and got busy. This thing is amazing. It tells me exactly what to read & even takes me directly to the verses. It keeps track for me and has really held me accountable.

This is what the plans page looks like, once you have downloaded it. It tells me what day I am on & what my completion percentage is. I am on day 12 and am 3% done with reading the Bible.

This is what the actual day page looks like. Shows exactly what I had to read for today. Then once I read the verse it will automatically check it off for me. Talk about easy.

I promise you this is something you should do.
I have noticed such a change in my attitude.
I have noticed such a change in the way I pray.
I have noticed such a change in the way I talk to my husband.
All because I decided to just stop letting my fear of failing overwhelm me. I was so scared that I wouldn't understand the Old Testament and I would end up quitting. But with the app I use, you can see that it mixes the Old & New together. Definitely makes it so much more encouraging to keep going.
There is also a "catch-up" button in case life happens and you fall behind in reading.

Scripture tells us to be in his word.

{And the Scriptures were written to teach and encourage us by giving us hope.} Romans 15:4

{Don't stop reading this book of the Law, but day and night think of what it says, so you can be careful to do everything written in it; then you will prosper and succeed.} Joshua 1:8

{All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right. It is God's way of preparing us in every way, fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do.} 2 Timothy 3:16-17

See the only way to grow in our faith and truly walk with the Lord, we have to be reading his word. His guide for our life.

Right now my life is a whole bunch of uncertainty. I don't have a full time job. My husband doesn't have a job. Our rent is way too much for us right now. Our safety net money is quickly running out. Both of our cars need repair. We are buried in debt. We are struggling. 
But in searching His word, I am finding our path. The Lord is providing me the with strength and peace about what will come in our life. 

With joining Kelly & Chelsea, I am holding myself accountable for reading. I am holding them accountable for reading. We are providing encouragement and motivation to come together as women & be in His word.

I am sharing this with you so that you may join us in this challenge. 
Please visit Fly with Me and grab a button to join me. Make sure you leave a comment at Kelly & Chelsea's blog so they know you are joining.

Then leave a comment here so I know you are joining and can offer encouragement to you.
If you would rather send an email, please do that. I am willing to be in prayer with {or} for you if there are needs in your life. There is power in prayer.

I want to leave you with this song...We have sung it in church and it has been such a blessing in my life. At times we struggle and wander, but He is always there, waiting to welcome us.

Chris Tomlin-I Lift My Hands

I lift my hands to believe again
You are my refuge, You are my strength
As I pour out my heart
These things, I remember
You are faithful, God, forever

Let faith arise, let faith arise
Open my eyes, open my eyes
Let faith arise, let faith arise
Open my eyes, open my eyes

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Kelly said...

Yea-ah! Let's get this party started. Thanks for sharin' the love friend. We are going to be so blessed with his wisdom when we cross that 365 finish line.