Big day for my Big brother

Today my big brother is getting married.
Never thought I would see the day.

Such a good brother.
Always teasing me. And picking on me. Calling me silly names. Wrestling me. Getting me in trouble. Stealing my toys. Making fun of me.
Wait a second, perhaps on second thought!
Those are things brothers do, right?
I don't hold anything against him. He was just doing his big brother job. And half the time it was me getting him in trouble. I wasn't what you call a "tattle-tale", unless it was about Tim.
I was the baby of this family so I got the say in this family.
Ok, I'm kidding. I didn't have any say.
Not even the time he scared me so bad I peed my pants!
Or the time he took my brand new bike apart & sold the parts to his friends.
Or when he spray painted all over my super cool clubhouse.
And especially not when he got to stay out as late & as long as he wanted, but I had to check in every hour on the dot so I didn't get stolen. Geesh, silly parents. Those kidnappers would have brought me right back, as soon as they realized I never shut up :)

Now let's enjoy some pictures throughout the adult years with my bro. Sorry there aren't any cutie patutie baby ones, I don't have the time to scan those babies. Maybe another day.

*Side note-promise you will disregard anything silly you notice about me in pictures. I went through some...umm...different...phases...in...my...young...adult...life.)

This was taken right before he went to Iraq last winter.

Any resemblance?

*see side note please. 

Air Force Boot Camp Graduation. So Proud!

He has a pretty huge sense of humor. Haha, I crack myself up.

Always so much fun when we 3 are together.

Dancing at my wedding.

Um, dancing with the hubs at my wedding.

The gal he is making his wife.

Love you big brother. 
Wishing you all the best.


Sean Marie said...

Congrats to them! How exciting.

Bethany G said...

Awww you two are so cute! Hope the big day goes perfect! ;)