Hot or Hot Mess? {October 1}

Do you sometimes wonder what people think of certain trends? I do. All of the time.
I thought it would loads of fun to start up a little weekly (or bi-weekly) review of different things.
It will be called Hot or Hot Mess? Obviously.
So all you have to do is comment telling me what ya think.
Is the trend hot? Or a hot mess?
Easy enough right? 
Have fun :)


Bethany G said...

Ahh this is a good idea! I personally hate dogs in strollers...lol! its just so weird! and I think some people can totally pull off the colored jeans and look hot!

Erin said...

Ha ha ha this post made me laugh.

1. Colored jeans....depends on how you wear them..... I wish i were more daring! HOT!

2. Riding boots....HOT! :) love boots no matter what kind

3. Dogs in strollers....really weirds me out!

Sean Marie said...

Dogs in stroller= hot mess and you need some freaking therapy.

I don't like the colored jeans thing.

Riding boots= yes!

Kelli Diane said...

dogs in strollers ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I can not stand that! The other too definitely hot! : ) I cant pull of those pants but I wish I could because I think they are so cute!

Shasta said...

I love the colored jeans, but I don't think I could pull it off. Riding boots, excellent. I want a pair!!! Dogs in stroller....no way is that anywhere near hot.

Anonymous said...

1. Hot
2. Hot
3 hot mess

Cute idea

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Melissa said...

Hot, Hot and HOT MESS!!! People are freakin' crazy!

The Presutti's said...

I personally dislike the crazy colored pants. I love riding boots, my most recent obsession. And lastly, not sure how I feel about dogs in strollers. :)