Sponsor Love {Guest Post | Pineapple Lily}

I am *all kinds of excited* to have my gal pal Melissa guest posting today!
She is hysterical. Enjoy.


Helllloooo!!! I'm Melissa from Pineapple Lily. I am really excited to be over here at Behind the Scenes. Liz is so sweet and a SOONER fan, so of course I love her. Over at my blog I have a lot of fun, and I really don't have any sort of "niche" that I stick to...unless awesome is a niche. Ok, I'm just kidding, so maybe I should just get to my actual post. I figured since I am over here today I will just act as if I am still over at Pineapple Lily and do a post that is a regular one around my blog world.

The first thing I am loving is this stuff:

Odwalla Superfood juice drink. Oh My Gosh. This stuff is so good. It IS green, but trust me, it's sweet and yummy. I love that it is packed with a ton of vitamin C. Just what I am needing these days. 

Second is my new camera!

I am loving it! I can't believe how great the pictures turn out. I am so lucky my husband bought it! 

And third is that my son can sit up in the tub by himself now. 

If you have kids, you understand how nice this is. 

So there it is...stuff I heart! I hope you enjoyed it. And I really hope to see you over at Pineapple Lily!!!

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Erin said...

What a darling little guy!! :)