It's a Tween Night!

I wish I had someone to tell me things when I was young.
To tell me not to worry about the mean girl. Or the guy. Or the peer pressure.
I'm vowing to make that happen for girls.
It seems girls are growing up way to fast. And sadly it's because of the influence of adults. When they hear adults cussing or talking about their love life in a negative way or gossiping, they begin to relate that as ok behavior. I want to show them that it's not what God intended for them.
I know ya'll are probably like get over this topic already, but the Lord has seriously put this on my heart. 
And I have to act.

I am in the works of setting up a Tween Girls Night at my church.
Once a month, young girls will get together.
Have some snacks.
Do some devotions.
Watch a movie.
Be encouraged.
Just. Be. Girls.

Who knew that there were a million different devotion plans for tween girls?!?!
I am having a tough time narrowing it down to what I want to use.

Here are the studies up for debate:

Here's where I need your help! I respect your wisdom and knowledge so much. Those of you that have reached out to me from my last post will never understand how much gratitude I have for you. I'd love to know your opinion. If you have done a tween girls night or if you have done just a young girls devotion (doesn't have to be one listed above) what are you're thoughts? What worked for you & what didn't?

 I'm hoping I can post about this soon with some success stories. Even if it's just that we hosted our first event and lots of girls came out with a hunger to know more about how to have an on fire faith!

If you are looking for more advice on how to raise a fabulous female, please read Living With Moxie. Angela is an amazing mother who's heart for raising her daughter in God's sight is something to be desired.


Erin said...

This is so honorable my dear :) You are going to change lives! I think tweens need to see themselves as beautiful inside and out before they grow up...to truly grasp how unique and special they are for being exactly who they are. They need to learn to not let boys define them, change them, or turn them into a lesser version of themselves. :) Just a thought!

hannah singer said...

praying for you! i worked with tween and teen girls for several years. one of the most challenging and most rewarding things ever!
praying for you and the girls you shepherd. he will use you mightily, no doubt! xo

Ashley said...

i love this! I just had the girls that I am in charge of at my church over :) I have the 16-18 year olds. I seriously love them... I'm all about teaching how to SHINE... and that every person has a unique talent so they can impact others in a way no one else could.