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Hello lovelies!
I am so very happy to spend the day here with each of you. 
Liz is an amazing sponsor & such a sweet bloggy friend.
 I am honored to meet her readers.

I am the blogger behinThe Miller's. The Millers
This is me, Jazmin!
{heart} clearance racks, crafting, tea, making lists, any recipe with the word easy or crockpot in it, taking pictures, staying organized in a life with two messy toddlers, vacuum lines, rare date nights with my hottie and blogging!

I started my blog to share & capture precious bits of my families little fairy tale.
Which include: silly stories, crafty tutorials, precious milestones, faith adventures and random life perspectives with y'all! 
I welcome you to sit & stay a while.
We'd love to have you.

Today I'm going to share the latest crafty thing I've been up to.
A lovely earring holder.

The best thing about this project was I already had every supply in my craft box.
So it was FREE.
An old 8x10 picture frame, ribbon, acrylic paint, hot glue gun, paint brushes.
You can actually use whatever kind of picture frame you want.
& instead of ribbon you could use string or wire, it's whatever works. :o)

Give the frame a couple coats of paint with whatever paint brushes you have handy.
I also glued on a few rosettes.
Here's a tutorial for those.

Next, I took ribbon & laid it across the back of the frame.
I measured each piece 12" long and tied a knot at each end.
Added a dot of hot glue to each knot and pressed it onto the edges of the frame until the glue dried.
This is what the back looks like.

I pretty much leveled each sectioned with my eye.
As far as space in between each ribbon I did about 1/4" between the first two & then 2" between the rest.
If you want to be super precise, by all means, use a ruler. ;)

And you're done! 
You'll have a lovely new jewelry storage + adorable room accessory!
This is such a quick & easy project.
I had a lot of fun putting it together.
Let me know if you try it.

I hope you stop by and visit my blog.blog
New friends are always welcome.
Meeting new people of blogland is my new favorite thing!

Liz, you are lovely & again thank you for having me.

With smiles,

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hannah singer said...

such a fun filled post!! thanks, ladies!!