Sponsor Love {Guest Post | Daily Polkadots}

Okay ladies (and gents) are ya'll ready for some fun & inspiration over the next month? I know I am!! So to start off my fabulous guest posts by some amazing sponsors is Kelli from Dailypolkadots! You are going to love, love, love her! She is so sweet & this post about happiness is going to make you smile :)


Hello! My name is Kelli from Dailypolkadots!

I am so happy to be here with all of you today on Behind the Scenes! 

Happiness is something I strive for every day of my life! I do believe happiness is a choice. Sometimes I choose grumpiness {my boyfriend can attest to this} but I am really working hard to choose happiness even on my worst of days : )

I believe different things make different people happy. For example...Harry Potter, I know that makes millions of people happy but really I could do without : )

Here are just a few of the things that make me very happy...you can see many more things that make me happy {and sometimes the things that don't} if you visit my blog...

{click the pictures for their source}
For the sake of not making this post a book I will not put pictures of all of my family and friends but they make me very happy as well : ) 
Thanks for having me Liz! Stop by and follow my life over at Dailypolkadots! : )


Erin said...

It is hard to always remember to be happy....but it is worth trying and the joy that exudes from it...wonderful ;) Thanks for sharing!

Annastacia said...

I think this is somthing most of us can relate to. Well put. :)