Black Friday Tips

Did you all survive the gazillion pounds of food you ate yesterday?
I did & now I'm working it all off!
Because of course I'm out shopping right now.
{thank heavens for scheduled post options}

It's too late to post any special deals so enjoy some commercials.
For example: Targets Tips.

And because this one makes me laugh too:

Hope you're staying safe & getting all you went for!


Erin said...

Ha ha these are great! Check the weather...so important! I have only gone Black Friday shopping once...and I froze my butt off at 4 in the morning!

Becky said...

LOVE the target ads. classic. couldn't stop quoting that lady. HATE the kohls ad. that stupid song won't leave my mind now. stop by and visit me some time at http://cinderelladuty.blogspot.com!