Recipe:Homemade Rolls

Adjust the ingredients so you don't make 6 dozen rolls.

Get the water to the perfect temperature. 

Warm up the milk.

Let the milk cool in the window.

Mix it all up.

Don't put your hands in too soon.

Smile for the camera while your father in law attempts to scrape his hands.

Keep smiling.

Umm...again don't put your hands in the dough too soon.

Push it out. It being the dough, not something else.

Form a big ball and set it in your greased bowl.

Let it rise.
Cut it into sections.

Cut into smaller pieces.

Form your rolls.

Let those rise in your baking pan.

Bake it.

Top with butter.

Get excited. 

Take a bite.

Admire your work.


Ruthie Hart said...

holy yum-ness! good for you making your own rolls! We do Rhodes rolls every year :-)

Erin said...

Ha ha I love how you wrote out this recipe! Ha ha! I felt like I was there...and then I really wanted to eat one by the end! Looked so good!!

Kelly said...

Yum. I am always so amazed at how much the dough rises.

Lisa @ MMT said...

Those look delicious! I really want one now haha!