Camera Strap Cover that I actually made.

Let me stop and give you a moment to shower me with praise for how awesome it turned out.
(And please avoid looking at the crooked seams, that would totally ruin the pride you are feeling for me)

 I (attempted) to follow this tutorial. 
It was funny. 
Probably because this was my first attempt at sewing since 7th grade. So I had no clue that I would need a tape measure. Or craft scissors. Or that I would need to know how to set up thread.
Thankfully my friend Sara was there to walk me through it step by step.
{You can follow her pinterest boards here)

I made it for my step-dad. He bought (me) himself a fancy shmancy Canon Rebel over the summer. And let me tell ya, those straps they put on the cameras aren't exactly soft on the neck. Thus began the idea of making him a strap cover. He hunts. They had camo fabric on sale at my favorite place, Jo-Ann's. I had an old fleece scarf that isn't part of my wardrobe anymore. My church has sewing machines that I could use. And I had the best friend who was willing to offer her talent to make sure I didn't sew my finger instead of the fabric :)

Here he is:

Here he is, looking a little more excited:

I think he liked it? 
Although now he wants me to remove the stitch & put Velcro on it instead! I know right? He says it will fit in his camera bag better. What does he think I am? Just because I played the part of a professional sewer (and is that totally not the same spelling as sewer...like the crap that lives under the roads?) for a day, does not mean I can do it all.

Anybody? Anybody? 
How do I remove a stitch? And add Velcro?

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Erin said...

You are so sweet to make that for him! Way to go girl!!