Recipe: Cowboy Casserole

Are ya’ll ready for an amazeballs recipe? And are ya’ll ready to hear me say ya’ll about 20 more times because we are talkin about a cowboy meal?
Brown the meat, ya’ll.
Line the bottom of the pan with some tator tots.
Mix up the sauce ya’ll.
Add the sauce to the meat.
Add some corn. Or any other veggie you want.
Pour the meat/sauce mixture to the pan.
Put another layer of tator tots on top of the mixture. Then sprinkle lots of cheese on top ya’ll.
Bake it.
Pair with a light salad to offset the fatness you will obtain from eating it.
Are you tired of my ya’lls yet?

You can find the recipe here ya’ll. (because I can, so I will)

It might look a little like it came out of the wrong end before it even went in the right end, but ya’ll it’s so delicious. Next time I think I’m adding some bacon. And then some sour cream on top. Yea that whole diet thing isn’t working out to great. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start?


Katie said...

That looks awesome! My husband would love that recipe!

Ruthie Hart said...

this looks so good! I saw something similar on pinterest and knew I would like it! I will have to try it!

Erin said...

looks quick, simple, and easy...my kind of recipe!