Friends. They Rock.

I have the best ladies in my life right now.
My pastors wife, Rene & my best friend, Theresa.
They truly are like family.
God has blessed me with these special friendships.
We are called to spend time with other believers.

I'm so happy I get to spend that time with them.

(that's Beth, she is the MOST craftiest lady I know & she doesn't even use pinterest or have a blog)

And for your viewing pleasure....here is a sample of the coming photobooth post!
It will be good, I promise.


Shepherd's Daughter said...

These are cute!! :) can't wait for the photo booth.

And I'll have to agree with you, friends rock. I moved and have been separated from my friends for the last 5 months and it sucks. But I look forward to being reunited with them next year!

Erin said...

Love these pictures! I am so happy you have some lovely ladies to spend time with!