VLOG. Yes, I am giving in.

Why not, right? 
I sound like a complete tool when I talk & and I touch my hair & my nose a lot. Plus I make this weird noise in between talking. And don't even get me started on the still frame YouTube thinks is appropriate to advertise the video. 
But....you asked. 
I deliver. 
It's kind of fun making one. (or 2, since the first one was really bad)

Now, go make your own so I can see all of your pretty faces!!


Digger said...

YAY!!!! I loved it!!! Surrrrrre :) HEHEHE You're so cute! :) I'm so glad you did it too. :) How fun! :) You convince Hubby for BlogHer'12 yet? Seriously? lol Do we need to do a Skype intervention with him and go over all the reasons YOU need to be there? lol. :)

All The Love, My Friend!

Bethany G said...

Haaa you are so funny! And I am totally passionate too about it NOT being called soda... it is POP!

Holly said...

I haven't posted on your blog in a while...but I loved your VLOG!!!!! If my hair wasn't a grease pit and I looked somewhat presentable I'd get this going with all my teacher-blog friends. Maybe that'll motivate me to "clean up". Funny, I would have expected you to have more of an accent..but I think you sound like me {I'm a Michigan girl} would be interesting to see if you agreed.

Okay, so here's my question for you - did you just use your webcam and then upload it to Youtube? I have no idea how to do it. I don't want everybody in the world to see it on Youtube though...so is there anyway you can set "privacy" settings on that? DUH...I have no idea...can you tel that I'm an "old lady"?!?!?

LOVE!!!!!!! And you're a cutie pie! :)

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Ruthie Hart said...

I love this! I can hear a little nawwwthern accent in ya! I made one a while ago too :-) http://www.ruthiehart.com/2011/09/accent-vlogs.html

Chelsea said...

New follower :) Found you over on Hollie's blog and, I must say, your blog is adorrrrable! Loving your header so much :)

These accent vlogs are fun. Hilarious what you said about "sure." Pretty "sure" I'm the same way too!

Heather at 123 said...

I found your blog from Hollie's blog. I almost made one of these this week and then played it back and thought "I don't have an accent. This isn't working."

Sar said...

You are absolutely adorable! Found you through Hollie's #FF and I'm a follower! I made an accent vLog a while ago, but since I'm from the PNW, lots of people said they didn't think it sounded much like an accent. I have picked up the Texas "y'all" though... ;)

Love your blog! Glad to be here.


Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

I found your blog from Hollie's link up! I love to hear other people's accents!

Have a great weekend!

Gina said...

I also found you over at Hollie's link up! And this is such a fun tag..I might join in!

Also, your blog design is amazing!

xo, gina


Erin said...

Yay!!! So glad you did this! :) I am thinking of posting one next week... :)

Sarah said...

In love love love with this vlog! I have tried and tried to do one, but I do the same things - always get too self-concious, etc. Good for you for doing one!

Elisabeth said...

hahaha this is great :)
just found your blog from hollies link up and love it - and i'd love for you to follow me back :)


Holly said...

I've done a few vlogs in the past, but I always feel SUPER weird doing them, so you're definitely braver than me!
Just dropping by from Hollie's linkup. :)