Today is Sunday…which means I am at church learning how to have a God-designed marriage!

For this series, my pastor & his wife thought it would be great to decorate the church like an actual wedding was happening. It turned out great & people seriously thought a wedding was taking place on that first Sunday they walked into the sanctuary.

That’s part of the reason I love my church so much!

My pastor speaks truth.

My faith is better. My marriage is better. My life is better.

Because of my church & church family.


My marriage is so much better. It’s amazing to watch God work through me, but it’s even more amazing to watch God work through my husband. Is there no greater joy than watching the one you love serve the Lord?

No, I think not.

After church, the hubs has a soccer game. Then we have an ice cream date with my grandma. And finally a tea party for Ladies Night Out at church. There will be costumes & hats. And yes, there will be pictures.

I pray you have a church that you attend & whole heartedly support.


Jelli said...

This looks like so much fun! I am on a Ladies' Committee Planning team for my church, and I just may borrow this idea. Love it and I'll bet everyone had a blast. Thanks for sharing.

Jelli said...

Oops, realized I posted on the wrong post, but that's alright. Just wanted to add that I LOVE seeing my husband working for the "Big Boss" as we call Him. We're youth pastors at our church here in Costa Rica, and I just love watching him teach Bible class, lead meetings, love on the kids, etc. It's spectacular and God has greatly blessed us to be able to work together.