Did you know?

That you can find me in lots of other places besides this blog?
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See those little ladies?

If you’re ever wondering how you can get in touch with me, on the slight chance that I don’t post anything on here for a few days, those are the ways!

You can tweet me (does that still make you giggle when you say “tweet”? No? just me?) here.

You can facebook me here.

You can pinterest me here.

You can instagram me @ lizedwards or go here to view them online (or if you don’t have an iphone….and for that I’m sorry. I’ll let you have a moment to weep over not having one.)

See…tons of ways to get in contact with me!

I like friends. And building friendships. So go ahead, seek me out through one of those outlets. I promise I’m good for a few laughs at least!


Alesha said...

Hi Liz! I found your page via Life...Unscripted when you guest posted about your wedding. So I headed over to check your blog out! I am excited to be following your blog now. And now I will be following your on twitter and Pinterest too! =) I blog over at Blessed to be a Blessing about sewing, crocheting, cooking, life, and my daily walk with Jesus.
Alesha <3

Jessica said...

I only blog and tweet but I love the ways to keep up with what the kids are doing...kinda' like my very own online scrapbook for my kids, ya know.

I think that this is my first visit to your blog, I welcome you to come by my blog http://jessicaslilcorner.blogspot.com and say hello and become a follower if you'd like, if you aren't one already.