Luck ‘o the Irish

I’m Irish. My grandma’s maiden name is O’Connor.
And I’m Indian. My other grandma’s dad was full blood.

Tell me how those 2 mixed up?
Fair skin & tan skin.
Light hair & dark hair.
Freckles & …..freckles?

Yes. I’m a “mutt” by all American standards. But these 2 cultures are the ones that tend to shine through the most.

It’s comical when I tell people this. One person will ask if I’m always drinking, because I’m Irish. While another will wonder if I roll my own cigs because I’m Indian.

Negative on both accounts. Please & Thank You.

Is it so bad to have 2 very different heritages?
I won’t be doing what a typical Irish girl will on this fine holiday. That’s not my style. Anymore. Instead I’ll spend today with my un-irish hubby, relaxing.

And maybe eating a few of these…
Source: bakerella.com via Liz on Pinterest

Or maybe some of this…

Perhaps I’ll sample some of this…

If I had kiddos, we’d be doing this…

But I will most certainly not be having any of this…

No way. I may be Irish, but this is where I draw the line. My stomach thanks me.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day friends.

May your day be filled with everything green!

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