GLOW Event

First let me start by saying thank you to those of you that prayed over this event. We felt it!

It was an awesome night.
If you’re unsure of what GLOW is, you can read about it here.

We started out at the church. We had pizza & chips. And a photobooth!


Oh yes, we had a photobooth & it was such a hit.
My friend Kristan is a photographer & she had the perfect background that matched our logo! The girls had a blast! And perhaps the adults did too!

GLOW Girls February 2012-005GLOW Girls February 2012-065GLOW Girls February 2012-072
GLOW Girls February 2012-132GLOW Girls February 2012-078GLOW Girls February 2012-118GLOW Girls February 2012-122

Of course we had a group shot…or 2.

GLOW Girls February 2012-153

And their fearless leader taking a “leap” for them. Get it?

GLOW Girls February 2012-163

Then there was the concert. Talk about amazing. There were hands held high, tears flowing, laughter, dancing, hugs, pure unashamed worship. Mainly from the girls. But I couldn’t hold back the tears when I sat back and watched.


I even got to go down and do the Good Morning zumba dance in front of the stage! (Warning:cell phone pic)

424704_10150564453367031_522447030_9204754_1995276613_n (1)

Then we got to meet Sammi, the spokesperson/mc for the tour and Food for the Hungry.


We adopted a girl names Sara from Mozambique. She is 10. And adorable.

We all got to meet Mandisa & Britt Nicole. (I may have acted a little star struck, seeing as how Mandisa retweeted one of my tweets the night before!!!! And by the fact that Britt Nicole was pre-informed about our group & took my name and phone number. Yea we’re best pals now!)


Then it was back to the church for some s’more pops, dance party, & movie. Oh and a pillow fight in which I was the target. I’d like to say sleep but that didn’t really happen until about 3 am. For the girls. I was up most of the night.


Saturday morning it was time for session 2 of our Designed to Shine bible study! It went great. These girls have such a fire for Christ, it is so inspirational to watch. And be part of.


And this is what we looked like after…

It was so worth it. So completely, 100% worth it. I love these girls. I thank God everyday that He has allowed me to be a leader to them.


And if you still want more, here’s the video I put together to share with the church Sunday morning.

 Of course I have to send my hubby love, because he came & helped tear everything down!


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