Hot or Hot Mess? {March 18}



Ok this week I had a hard time bringing myself to the point of posting a picture of this in use. 
It's a speedo for those of you who aren't sure.
I'm not about to share even 1 of the images I found when I typed that word into google.
So with all that said, what do you think? 
Are speedo's appropriate for grown men?
Is it hot or just a plain hot mess?


Tree said...

HOT MESS!!! A speedo on a grown man is just tmi!! Thanks for sparing us the images ;)

Eden Marie said...

hot mess. omg. total hot mess. :) love your blog!

Alesha said...

They have their place in competition swimming. Other than that, at least wear jammers. I have been a lifeguard for almost 5 years so it doesn't phase me much anymore.
Alesha <3