Are You Using WLW?

If you aren’t then you are seriously missing out! WLW stands for Windows Live Writer for those of you who might be a little less quick to catch on! It is a free program that you download and sync with your blog! That way you write all of your posts in this program and then “post draft to blog” until you want to either schedule or post it.


I will admit I was very skeptical of it at first because it seemed like so much more work. But after using it a few times, I realized it’s actually much easier. Especially now that picnik is closing! There is a way to resize pictures right in WLW.


Once you import your picture, this “Picture Tools” bar pops up. From there you can resize your picture…


Decide where you want the picture to line up…


Choose a frame & sharpen your pic, change the contrast, & watermark it…


Then when you are all finished with your post you just hit one of these buttons…


And your post will automatically snyc to Blogger! It’s really that simple! I love it because I don’t have to spend hours editing pictures & resizing them to fit in a post when I’m really only using them for that specific day (such as outfit pictures). This makes it so I can just import my picture & resize it all at once! No fuss!

Adding links is pretty easy too! You can watch a video about all of what I just told you here. {just disregard the mans voice, it’s kind of dull, but it hits all of the main points.}

So what are you waiting for? Go download this amazing free product, now! {there are step by step instructions here too}

*This post was not sponsored & is 100% my opinion.


K said...

aww, this is a great idea!!! Im going to try this right away when i get home!! thanks for sharing!!

love K

Queen Guinevere said...

I am going to try this! It looks and seems sooo simple....much easier than figuring out how to edit HTML codes for pictures like I've been doing! Thanks!