Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, wow. Let me just say, this week has been busy & I don’t really see an end in sight for awhile. But loving it all none the less. Dear Husband, you rock. Enough said. Dear 6 am workouts, you and I are becoming quite the friends aren’t we? It’s making me (& my thighs) happy. Dear Blog Friends, Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Clearly I like to disappear for a whole week with no explanation. I’ve always told myself I’ll write when I want, not when I  feel forced to. With that said, you can expect a post about my life lately including stinky shoes next week. Yes, you’re welcome in advance.
Dear Grace, I’ve had lots of fun playing with you these past 2 days, but you aren’t helping this slight baby fever I’ve had lately. This goes for you too Gabe.
Dear Uterus, stop having these feelings. Otherwise I might drive my hubby cray-cray. Dear weather, I think we already had this conversation last Friday’s Letter…what’s the deal? Dear Believer’s Chapel friends, church this Sunday is going to be amazing. It’s about being desperate. 9 & 11. Be there or be square. Ok you won’t be square, I don’t even know what that means actually. Dear Toms, why did you rip? I just got you but you thought it was necessary to rip. Makes me sad, but I’ll still be wearing you. Dear Sponsor Swaps, I’ll be changing things up next month, look for an email. And by next month I really mean next month. Time to get organized and motivated.
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Ruthie Hart said...

heheh my uterus is having the same feelings!

Brianna Asaro said...

Hey there. I just found your blog today. Love it!! I am a new follower!

Brianna said...

My 8 AM workouts and I have also become fast friends!! Just found your blog and I'm already hooked!