A Better Me.

With swimsuit season fast approaching, someone’s thighs & tummy just aren’t ready.


Besides that fact, I need to get healthy! I have some pretty great friends who are all about eating clean & avoiding too much processed junk. And amazingly enough, they are starting to wear me down! Yea, I know…big news there. Because let’s be honest, I like my junk. I could live on microwave popcorn, the kind with extra butter plus the melted butter I add. Disgusting people. It is. I know that. But it’s just so hard to not do it.

So, in addition to trying to eat better, I’ve been going to the gym with my pal Brit at 6 am. And doing this…

I feel great, until I come home take a nap & wake up starving. That’s when the true test of wills happens.

Usually I cave & eat everything in site.

Like these…

Ummmm yea. No surprise there. It’s a plate of fries & cheese & bacon. Dipped in ranch dressing. ohh maaa gosssh. It’s delicious. And now I want to go warm up the leftovers & eat them all. And lick the plate. Ewwww did I just admit that dirty secret? Ok enough. I’m going to go do a crunch or push up or something.

Note to self: Stop thinking about food Liz.

(oh and I know you’re all dying to see before, during, & after shots. might happen. might not. and as for progress. I haven’t gained or lost anything in a week. weigh in days are Monday morning, which could be bad since I eat even more like a heifer on the weekends. that’s good though rights? not to gain anything is a win in my book. probably not in tony horton’s though.)

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Brianna said...

Stay strong and hang in there. I can honestly say that from several experiences, that it takes about 14-20 days to stop craving the crappy stuff. Just hang on for a month, and you'll find you don't want it anymore!