Recipe: Oreo Truffle Goodness

oreo truffle with label



This little bit of heaven is so deliciously good, but oh so bad for you! Tough call to make when you’re on a diet, but in the end I totally had a helping (or two).

Oreo Truffle:

Crush your Oreos. Save a 1/2 cup to layer on top. Mix with the butter until it becomes tough. Spread along bottom of your pan. Mix your cream cheese, powdered sugar, & half of the whipped topping.Spread over the Oreo crust. Make the chocolate pudding & spread next. Add the rest of the whipped topping. Sprinkle the Oreo crumbs. Refrigerate for a few hours. And enjoy.

If you’re still doubting this recipe, just look at this…013EF478-6F36-4F60-AFCA-40D05872E2E7

I made a double batch for a college lunch & it was seriously gone in the blink of an eye. Which of course made the hubs lick the bowl like a normal human being. And caused me to make another one 2 days later. 

Yea, people. It’s THAT good!

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Brianna said...

Holy goodness.....!!!! Looks amazing!