A Goal

I’m a list maker. I love the feeling of crossing something off my list. Sometimes I even write things I’ve already accomplished just so I can cross them off. It’s exhilarating. And that sounded real nerdy, didn’t it? Well secret’s out people. I’m a bit of a nerd. A lot of the time my lists get to be a bit out of control because I will write every little thing down. Otherwise I’ll forget about it.

But do you want to know what always happens?

You do? Ok.

I lose my lists. I’ll put it somewhere & then not remember where I put it. So I have to write a new one & usually end up forgetting what was on the original list. Talk about annoying.

Now if I have a big goal like say losing 10 pounds. You better believe that baby goes on my to-do list. Even if it won’t be crossed off for a long time & will probably end up being added on my lists for the next who knows how long. It’s there none the less.

And what’s even more awesome about goals & lists?

The prize at the end! I like to work towards things. Don’t we all?

The problem with that is usually the prize I want costs money. Lots of money. Which I don’t have. Because that money tree I planted in the back yard just refuses to grow. The nerve of that thing!

For example:
I am a Thirty-One consultant & we do a Dream Rewards program from December to May. If you hit 10,000 points you receive a $750 gift card to Best Buy. (I’d say that’s a dream reward)

That would be enough to buy me one of these beautiful babies…

9778635 Canon - EOS Rebel T2i DSLR Camera Left

1980124 Left

Get in my pocket…er purse please!

Ready for the bad news? I’m nowhere near those 10,000 points. Mostly my fault for not working my tail off more to earn them. That item didn’t get to be crossed off my list. Bummer. Yea, yea I know you’re all screaming that May isn’t over yet. But unless ya’ll plan on buying $6000 worth of bags & purses, it just isn’t happening. And I’m ok with it. It’s probably actually good that I didn’t earn it because now I realize that I can’t just sit back and do nothing with my business & then expect to be rewarded for it.

BUT…(and here’s where the hubby should perk up & pay attention!)

Now that I’m on this weight loss kick, I think I should make this my goal! My prize at the end of the rainbow. What do you think Mr. Edwards? Sound like a plan?

…crickets…eye roll…weird face…crickets…

Perhaps that’s a little too much of a goal. Should I scale it back? To say a new pair of sneakers or something? Yea, that’s probably what he’ll tell me after he reads this.

Someday I’ll have one of those pretties nestled next to me & you’ll all get to reap the benefits because my pictures will stop being from the trusty iphone! Get excited people. Even if it takes me 5 years to lose 10 pounds save enough for one!

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