Try again

Do you ever feel like your life just gets overwhelming? There’s just too many commitments. Too many problems. Too many distractions. Too much of anything. You can see where I’m going. It’s a struggle to prioritize and get back on track. But what if instead of looking at these trials as depressing and frustrating, we embraced them? We used them as a way to improve our life? What if we took them for what they are, small moments in our life that will eventually pass?

We can choose to dwell on them. To claim the victim role. To seek pity and counsel from others.


We can release them. Overcome them. Really, truly give them to God & be done with it.

Yes, it’s hard and yes it requires work. But the reward, oh that sweet reward, is so much better then the pain and heartbreak that lingers when we refuse to let it go.

with words

What if we all made the choice to quite enabling these “issues” in our life & those around us, and decided it’s time to give every ounce of ourselves to picking up the pieces & putting them back together. Without stress. Without frustration. Without pain.

Simply doing it.

It’s a promise, not from me, from Him, that joy comes in the morning.
Let’s make this our morning.


Brianna said...

I really needed to hear this today, so thank you for your post. It's been "one of those days" and this sort of threw me back into perspective. Yay!

DaisyGirl said...

Such a good message. I've been hearing a similar message everywhere I turn these days and I'm pretty sure it's because God knows I need to hear it. Thank you for writing this! Hope you're having a great week!

Kiana Bates said...

That's such a good thing to think about! And the fact that you used a golf picture made it even better. :)